Accounting Services

Today's accounting requirements are ever changing: management and legal authorities demand more and more financial interpretation of the accounting figures.

Analysis of Financials: Analysis of Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss Statement, Trial Balance, and General Ledger.  We can help locate problems, potential problems; and even items that appear to be errors. Analysis can be extended into either analysis of trends, or even trends in conjunction with budgeting and forecasting Prepare for End-of-Year close, reviews by internal or external parties, or look for potential problem areas.

Financial Statements: This may vary from analyzing only Cash, to analyzing multiple specific line-items from either the Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss Statement;  even the entire Trial Balance versus the General Ledger.

Budgeting/Forecasting:  Along with analysis, forecasting of future sales, expenses, cash, etc.  Several forecasting techniques are available and are used.  From this information, budgets may also be developed. 

Ledger Analysis:  This could be analysis of Tenant, Vendor, or Owner Ledgers for any business, especially for property managers.  We can help you clean-up Tenant Ledgers for such circumstances as move-outs; or, with your guidance and input, get the Tenant Ledger ready for an Eviction proceeding.

End of Year Close:  Have helped thousands of businesses get ready for End-of-Year Close.  It is important to get this right for general reporting and archiving, along with general financial statement preparation.​

Accounting Analysis can address the following areas:

  • Income and Expense
  • Fixed Assets
  • Investments and Debt
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Equity
  • Cash Flows
  • Financial Reporting

Project Management

Skillful project managers are essential to successful development and implementation of business systems and processes.  Hulin Consulting offers project management services for short or longer term projects.  We focus on achieving results.

We specialize in difficult projects with higher than average risks.  Our success is the application of sound management using proven standards and methodologies.

  • Mature professional management
  • Enterprise & smaller business projects
  • ​Results driven
  • ​Manage multiple projects and sub-projects
  • Project Office team experience
  • Executive management presentations

Business Process Re-Engineering

Your organization needs to continually improve the way it operates. The way you transact business is critical to your success. Many organizations are using business processes that are 10, 15 or even 20 years old. As the world changes, so must your organization. At Hulin Consulting, we can deliver the solutions your organization needs to remain competitive and profitable in an ever-tightening environment.

​​Hulin Consulting will examine all of your business processes. We analytically review your workflows and then graphically illustrate, step-by-step, the way your business operates. This process can be used to address any multitude of needs: process improvement, computer system definition, ISO documentation, and even employee training.

​Business Process Re-engineering can address the following process issues:

  • ​Lost Time
  • Rework
  • Productivity
  • ​Equipment Utilization
  • ​​Process Outputs
  • ​Employee Skill Process
  • ​Bottlenecks
  • ​Scrap/Quality Issues
​​Our team has the knowledge and technical skills to help you thoroughly examine, and improve, your current operations.